Thursday, February 12, 2009

Starkman Anniversary

In February 2008 I completed a ketubah for David Starkman and Samara Polansky. It reflects their desire for a contemporary feel and a non-standard shape. I based the elements and color scheme on the Torah portion from the week they were to be married, which detailed the building of the traveling Ark of the Covenant. I spelled out their Hebrew names, found quotes from the Torah that related to their biblical counterparts (David and Sarah), and voila:

This year David called me to do a related piece for their first anniversary -- which is, traditionally, celebrated with paper. This one is smaller, but you can see how the letters-on-patterns is carried through, as are the warm reds and burgundies of the ketubah; however, here the Hebrew word is "ahava" -- "love." And of course, some grape vines around the piece for joy and celebration.