Monday, April 30, 2012

Lettering a ketubah

I'm at work lettering a ketubah right now, and thought I'd share a photo of my work table and tools. I always enjoy seeing another artist's workspace; I hope you enjoy seeing mine.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Luachot HaBrit" papercut donated to support local synagogue luncheon

I've donated an original papercut titled "Luachot HaBrit" in support of the Temple Ahavat Shalom Early Childhood Education Center Luncheon. That means you can bid on it and walk away with some of my art! And yes, it's already framed. What an opportunity!

The piece is a representation of the Tablets of the Law -- the Ten Commandments, that is -- and it comprises the first ten letters of the Hebrew alphabet (the "aleph bet") set against a warm background of art papers. And the frame? A warm, natural wood.

Find out how you can get a shot at this papercut (and a new iPad... and lots more!) -- and how you can attend this fun event on Sunday, April 22: on Facebook, or on the Temple Ahavat Shalom website.