Monday, December 24, 2018

Paper Midrash – Thanks for a great 2018!

It's been a wonderful year; we are so honored to have been able to bring Paper Midrash to so many wonderful communities in 2018. We've got a bunch of bookings for the first half of 2019 already; if you're interested in bringing us to YOU in 2019-2020, drop us a line!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Paper Midrash in Stockton,
Birthplace of the Fantastic Four

Another great weekend, this time at Temple Israel in Stockton, California! And another great batch of photos to share with you, so you can see the incredible art we created with this congregation! We spent the weekend talking about this week's parasha, Vayigash – in which Joseph reveals himself to his brothers – and we talked about secret identities in Torah (and comic books).

Friday night we presented "Secret Identities: Super Heroes and Torah Heroes"
and Saturday we started our papercutting workshop with our "Intro to Midrash."

I love these pix – using windows to transfer designs from regular paper to watercolor paper.

We turned a roomful of congregants into papercutters!

Rabbi Shawna giving a little guidance to a workshop participant

Some of the final artwork was inspired by the parasha, but very personal as well

Beautiful work exploring Judah's part in Vayigash, created by a workshop particpant

A papercut about reconciliation, one of the parasha's themes

We always end workshops with time to share our work with each other

Rabbi Jason Gwasdoff at work on his paper midrash

Cantorial Soloist Lindy Passer with congregants at work on one of the four community tallitot we made

Having fun getting messy, making tallitot!

Local celebrity Mel making his mark on the Etz Chaim tallit

Painting in the atara for a community tallit

"Shirat HaYam" community tallit

"Vine and Fig Tree" community tallit

"Who Orders the Universe" community tallit
Our papercutters with their finished paper midrash artwork

Part of our community tallit team with the "Etz Chaim" tallit

Paper Midrash and Protest Art in Washington

So much great stuff to share with you from our weekend residency at Congregation Kol Ami in Vancouver, Washington (and our getaway in nearby Portland!) – but a picture is worth 1000 words, right? So here are a few thousand words, in picture form (you know what I mean).

We met Allie Goertz on the plane ride up!

The famous Portland Airport carpet

We braved the cold (high temp of 46ยบ!!) to hit Portland's Saturday market

...and picked up a copy of the X-Men holiday special at Floating World Comics

CKA is a beautiful place to work – views of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens!

Cutting out paper midrash designs

Finding just the right comics

A finished protest art papercut

Another finished protest art papercut

During the "teachback" session, this young artist read from the comic he cut up to make his art!

Another finished protest art papercut

What a great group we worked with!

We presented "Maccabees and Other Super Heroes" at the congregation's latke party – great turnout!

And what visit would be complete without a few hours at Powell's?

And some DELICIOUS late-night pizza!