Sunday, March 28, 2010

Luachot haBrit:
Sapphire Tablets

Midrash tells us that the Luachot haBrit -- the tablets of the covenant, AKA the Ten Commandments -- were carved out of sapphire. My latest paper midrash papercut is based on this midrash, and I've used the "Star Sapphire" character from Green Lantern (and most recently seen in the "Blackest Night" series) to represent the sapphire. Her suit is of the pink sapphire persuasion, but she has a blue star sapphire in her helmet (you can see a few of them scattered throughout). I've got new AND old panels in here, so you comics buffs will have a lot of fun parsing all of the subtexts when you see it in person.

Here are two close-up shots so you can see some detail (look closely and you can even see the name "Ferris" in there -- extra points if you can tell me why):

And here are some shots of the original sketch and the work in-progress:


For those of you keeping track, this papercut includes pieces of comic book art by Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy, Nicola Scott, Greg Horn, Jonathan Glapion, and Pat Broderick.

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