Saturday, October 2, 2010

The first ever (?) steampunk papercut:
"Brave New World"

I'm happy to share a photo of my latest papercut with you, made as a gift for Portlyn and Atom!, the fine folks who helped bring you my latest show at Brave New World Comics. It's about them, so there are no doubt a few references that may go over one's head, but I believe the piece is nonetheless aesthetically pleasing. It includes bits and pieces of:

X-Men 179
Ultimate Secret 3
Ultimate Extinction 3
White Tiger (trade book)
Superman 330 (1978)
Hulk 280 (1983)
Marvel Team-up 40 and 46 (1976)
ROM 27 (1982)
Fantastic Four 233 (1981) and 282 (1985)
Avengers 229 (1983)

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  1. OK, I have to add one little comment, for anyone who's geeky enough to click through to the comments. Consider it an easter egg, if you will. There are TWO Captain Marvels in this papercut, but neither one of them is known as the Big Red Cheese. Enjoy!