Tuesday, September 18, 2012

“And God Spoke”

“And God Spoke” is another new papercut now being featuring in "You did WHAT to my comics?!?" at the Osher Marin JCC in San Rafael, California. It measures 24" x 18", and is now available for purchase (contact me if you're interested).

“And God Spoke” progresses from the chaos of “tohu v’vohu” to the expanding light of God’s creation, ushered into being with the words, “vayehi or” (“let there be light”). The papercut features the characters of The Watcher, Metamorpho, and Black Bolt (whose voice is the source of his great power, and his role as leader of the Inhumans).

The papercut includes bit and pieces of cut-up comics, including the following:
Fantastic Four #240 & 248 (John Byrne) – Mar & Nov 1982
Fantastic Four #296-297 (John Buscema) – Nov-Dec, 1986
Green Lantern #50 (Geoff Johns) – Mar 2010
The Inhumans #1 – Jun 2000)
JLA: Liberty & Justice (Alex Ross/Paul Dini) – Nov 2003
The Lone Ranger #25 (Dynamite) – Jan 2011
Metamorpho and Aquaman #1 – Oct 2007
Outsiders #47 – Jul 2007
Secret Origins #6 (Halo) – Sep 1986
Trinity #31 (Kurt Busiek) – Dec 2008
Ultimate Mystery #1 – Sep 2010
War of Kings #5 – Sep 2009
What if...? #59 – Mar 1994
National Geographic – Jun 2012
See the rest of the show in person, or check out the catalog of works in the online catalog.

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