Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Live Long and Prosper

You know that awkward moment at your Thanksgiving family celebration? When you run out of things to talk about or are wondering if you'll make it through alive? You can say, "hey, look what I found on the internet – it's got Jewish stuff and Star Trek" and watch the room light up with joy. They'll all thank you.

I made this new papercut which I'm calling "Live Long and Prosper"; it's based on the priestly blessing ... and yeah, Star Trek. Don't know why? Seriously? LMGTFY. It started out as an illustration I drew for a siddur for my wife, and I've now given it the "paper tefillah" treatment, backing it with Star Trek comics, watercolor, and pieces from some genizah-bound books featuring the words of the blessing.

This cut is going to be featured in my next show – which will be in San Mateo, California, in January. And I'll probably have some prints available; I get the feeling someone may want one. If you do, contact me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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