Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Greenberg" papercut featured in 2013 Jewish Currents calendar

I'm pleased to share with you the news: my "Greenberg" papercut has been featured in the 2013 Jewish Currents calendar, now available for purchase on their website. The calendar features works by more than 60 artists and writers, includes listings of Jewish holidays and significant historical events.

Jewish Currents is a progressive Jewish bimonthly magazine that "carries on the insurgent tradition of the Jewish left through independent journalism, political commentary, and a 'countercultural' approach to Jewish arts and literature." Which I think is pretty sweet.

I was going to make a parenthetical reference to Jewish Currents' unique spelling choices, but on second thought it deserves more than a passing glance. As we all know, Hebrew words are not always easily spelled in English; there are just some sounds that don't "translate" – hence the December dilemma of how to spell Hanukkah (Chanukah, Hanuka, etc.). How does Jewish Currents spell it? Khanike. I imagine it's a nod to an older, more classical American Jewish pronounciation – very Ashkenazic — and also outspokenly different than everyone else's efforts. Worth a look, for sure.

More information on "Greenberg" can be found in my original post here.

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