Friday, January 4, 2013

"The Golem" now showing in Foster City

"The Golem" (18" x 24", mixed media) is now showing at the Peninsula JCC in Foster City, California – it's one of my many new works in the show, which will be open from January 4 through March 19, 2013.

Legend tells us that in times of danger there are those in the Jewish shtetls and villages who have brought life to animate matter, creating golems to protect the populace. The golem is given life with the inscription of the Hebrew word “emet” (“truth”) across its forehead; when its task is done the aleph is erased, leaving only “met” (“death”). Tony Stark created the Iron Man armor to protect those who can not protect themselves, hence the form of the golem’s head in this papercut, backed with cut-up comics featuring clay and mud, and watercolors by the artist to imbue the piece with a handmade element to mirror the creation of the golem.

At the top are the three Hebrew letters which make the word “emet,” obscured through overlapping to maintain the secret of the golem’s power; the letters are backed with cut-up Iron Man comics.

For details on the show – and on the reception on Sunday, February 10, at which I'll be giving a talk and leading a tour of the gallery – visit the PJCC website.

A big color catalog of all works on display is available for download as a PDF here.

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