Thursday, February 14, 2013

"MaAriv Aravim" print in online auction raising money for Brandeis Hillel Day School

A giclée print of "MaAriv Aravim," one of the sixteen papercuts in my "Paper Tefillah" series, is now available in an online auction supporting the Brandeis Hillel Day School in San Rafael, California. Proceeds from the auction will directly benefit academic programming and faculty support at the school.

To place a bid, visit Bidding for Good.

"MaAriv Aravim" is the nighttime prayer that praises God for bringing on the evening, for ordering the stars and the planets, for the cycle of the seasons and the immutable processes of the universe. We praise God for keeping the heavenly bodies spinning in their orbits, and the papercut is designed to reflect these orbits. At the center is a hamsa, an ancient symbol of heavenly protection, with a mystical eye in the center backed with words from the prayer itself.

The hamsa can be seen as a representation of the hand of God, rolling light into darkness and darkness into light. The piece is composed of various space-related and dark-toned comics, to convey a sense of the evening. One of the main comic book heroes used in the background is Cloak, who harnesses the power of darkness to fight evil alongside his partner Dagger. The piece also features some comic captions which are recontextualized to explore God’s role and presence in the universe.

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