Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Shalom" print in auction to support Temple Ahavat Shalom

This is "Shalom," one of the 16 papercuts in my "Paper Tefillah" series. I've donated a giclée print of "Shalom" to the silent auction at this Sunday's Temple Ahavat Shalom Early Childhood Education Center luncheon.

It's a 16" x 20" signed giclée print (archival ink on archival watercolor stock, framed by me). "Shalom" represents the prayer for peace. The dove is a universal symbol for peace; likely because of its presence on Noah’s Ark. The dove in this papercut is in flight with wings unfurled, backed with comics featuring winged heroes who strive to bring peace and defend it, notably Angel from the X-Men, Hawkman, and Zauriel. Also contained within the wings of the dove are the Hebrew words of "Sim Shalom" and English prayers for peace.

It's a low-tech auction – if you want to bid, you've got to go the luncheon (Sunday, March 4, at Temple Ahavat Shalom); call 818 360 2258 for details.

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