Thursday, July 11, 2013

Telling stories by cutting paper... at camp

Two weeks ago I posted about what I do every summer at URJ Camp Newman – teaching kids to cut paper. Last week I posted about the campers' first projects: mizrach plaques. This is the third of my four posts about cutting paper at Camp Newman, and this one is about the big project: paper midrash.


All of the campers in the two-hours-a-day yetzirah group (and many in the one-hour-a-day hizdamnut group) made "paper midrash" – they used their newly-developed papercutting skills to tell a story from the Tanakh (Torah, prophets, and writings) or midrash, picking a story or theme that was personally meaningful and interpreting it in this medium.


The Giants

The Rainbow

Parting the Sea
David and Goliath: Kavannah


Others had more esoteric sources for their work, pulling ideas from Sefer haAgaddah or other books that I brought for inspiration.




Mad Man

Pillar of Fire

Next time – my last post about the camp workshops – will feature photos of the finished group projects which we made as a gift for camp.

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