Friday, August 2, 2013

Stencil Art in Israel

My trip to Israel this summer was flat-out incredible. In every way.

One of the things I did while there was photograph stencil art I discovered on the country's walls, and I'm pleased to share with you some of those pictures. Please let me know what you think, or if you have more information on the work or artists represented here.

"Ma?" ("What?") —
the eternal question.

The emotion that can be conveyed
with a little paint on a wall astounds me.
The wall, of course, is Jerusalem stone.

"In Aza and Sderot girls want to be" –
Is this a statement? Or are we supposed to provide the final word?

"I want" — it's Travolta, right?
Kotter-era Travolta?
In Tel Aviv, which seems appropriate.

Papa Smurf. In Arabic.
Found around the corner from the Bezalel School in Jerusalem.

Space Invaders. Classic 80s stencil trope.

I call this "Kahn!"
even though that's not the traditional transliteration
of the Hebrew word for "here."
There's a Hebrew word above "zeh" I can't make out...
it would mean, "______, it's here."

Anne Frank

I love fragments like this –
wheat paste and stencil together.

"Home Alone," right?
"They forgot me"... in what?
Another from Tel Aviv, near Dizengoff Square.

Prime Minister Benyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu,
with the caption, "who believes is not afraid."



    It's unfortunately been a big story in Israel these past few months.

  2. "They forgot me in the car"

    "Whoever believes in him is afraid"

    "Iran is here"

    "In Aza and Sderot girls want to live"

  3. Thanks, Shay – seems as though I completely misunderstood the Bibi stencil, couldn't make out "Iran" (but I totally get it now), and misread a chet as a hey. Todah rabah!

  4. bevakasha :)
    My fiance reached out to you today about a kettubah so I've been stalking your site =]