Saturday, July 5, 2014

Camp Newman mosaic!

It's up!

This summer at URJ Camp Newman I co-designed and co-created a GIANT mosaic with Alaina and Charles Yoakum, to be the first art up on the new cabins – and this weekend it was installed, and it looks great! Alaina is another artist-in-residence with Hagigah, and teaches sculpting to the campers – this summer was our first camp collaboration, and her husband was instrumental in making sure we got it right... since it was our first ever mosaic. We had 16 campers in our group working on this, virtually every day for two weeks, and we're very pleased with the result.

Inspired by the words of Ma Tovu (How lovely are your tents, o Jacob), featured in English and Hebrew at the tops of the panels, the mosaic comprises a camp-like mountain scene, complete with the camp's star at the top of the hill. There are 18 tents on the hills, each designed by a camper (Alaina and I each had a tent to design with our spouses as well) – and it really looks wonderful.

We created it as four panels, designed to be placed two by two as shown above. Here's what they look like closer up.

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