Thursday, January 21, 2016

No "broad" puns here, surprisingly.

Had a great visit at the new Broad Museum in Los Angeles, and enjoyed the stunning collection of contemporary (and other twentieth century) work. It's an incredible space – traditional white box in many ways, but with addition of swoopy organic forms on the first floor and the ever-present veil visible through the windows and roof of the third floor galleries. Really great space.

Some of my reflections are in the captions below.

Selfie in front of "the veil." (That's what they call the outer shell.)

So apparently John Baldessari uses "Trixie" for some of his work. Hunh.

I've retitled this Jean-Michel Basquiat painting, "I will finish what you started."

Glenn Ligon was represented with a series of "runaway slave" posters that describe the artist.

Me, in Yayoi Kusama's "Infinity Mirrored Room." Transcendant experience.

Detail from Jasper Johns' "Flag." Up close you can really see the collage work.

Another detail from Jasper Johns' "Flag." Hard to capture it with an iPhone.

Detail from Jasper Johns' "White Flag." Wait for it...

Jasper Johns' "White Flag." Have you guessed yet that I'm a Johns fan?

Kara Walker is doing some incredible cutout work. This is a look through a vitrine toward her mural, "African't."

Sorry, Ellsworth Kelly, but there's a huge mistake in the brochure about where "Green Angle" is located. HUGE.

The Broads like Jeff Koons, and there are a lot of his works on display.

I discovered Barbara Kruger when I was in college learning about design and art. Still love her work.

Detail from a Roy Lichtenstein piece. Ben Day dots FTW!

Lichtenstein sculpture. Works weird effects on your eyeballs in person.

Ed Ruscha is such a Southern California artist, you know?

Looking down into "the vault" – where the rest of the collection is stored.

Another shot of "the veil" which covers the museum.

This Andy Warhol piece is ON THE FLOOR, which is just perfect.

I discovered the work of Christopher Wool in the art movie, "[Untitled]" – stunning big pieces here.

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  1. I have not been yet, after your photos I need to get there sooner than later.