Sunday, May 15, 2016

Temple Ahavat Shalom Jubilee Gala – "Windws on the Bima"

We had a spectacular time last time at the Temple Ahavat Shalom Jubilee Gala, celebrating the first 50 years of our existence as a kehillah kedoshah – a holy community. To mark the occasion I created "Windows on the Bima" – a papercut in two seaprately-framed parts inspired by the stained glass windows in our sanctuary on either side of the ark — the pillars of fire which protected and guided the Hebrews on their journey to the land of Israel.

Windows on the Bima (Left)
12" x 36"
Mixed media

Windows on the Bima (Right)
12" x 36"
Mixed media

The papercuts are from the perspective of a member of the congregation, looking up at the ark, during a moment of a prayer —  for this is a moment when the community stands together, with a unified purpose and intent.

Detail of one of the eight sections in "Windows on the Bima."

Made of cut-up comics, the papercuts feature heroes representing the ideals of the synagogue; within the flames can be found Superman, Supergirl, Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Captain America, The Flash, Thor, Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and more. Inspiring words from these comics are scattered throughout as well, representing the peace and love found within this community. And of course, there are a few instances of the number “50” and some comics from 1965, when Temple Ahavat Shalom was founded.

Action Comics #844 (Dec 2006)
Amazing Spider-Man King-Size Special #4 (1967)
Astonishing X-Men #12 (Aug 2005)
Captain America #336 (Dec 1987)
DC Comics Presents #32 (Apr 1981)
Fantastic Four #8 (July 2013)
The Flash #152 (May 1965); #1 (Jun 2010)
Grayson #5 (Feb 2015)
Green Arrow #50 (Jul 2005)
Marvel Team-Up #60 (Apr 1984)
Marvel Two-in-One #59 (Jan 1980)
The Mighty Thor #374 (Dec 1983)
The Phantom #10 (Feb 1965)
Superman #3 (May 1987)
Ultimate Avengers #13 (Oct 2010)
Wonder Woman #603 (Nov 2010)
The original was auctioned off at the gala, and we produced a limited edition of 20 signed, numbered prints to raise additional money to support the activities of the synagogue.

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