Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Lock Her Up (Dina)

Lock Her Up (Dina) 
11" x 14"
Mixed media

Dina is the daughter of Jacob and Leah, not traditionally counted as one of the twelve tribes. A midrash tells us that Jacob locked her in a box when she was young to protect her from curious men — she’s criticized for leaving the box, and when she goes out into town with her arm exposed she is blamed for what happens next (see the tragic events of Genesis 34). The box is a symbol of all the ways women are held back by other people's words and expectations, made of comics in which women are “boxed in” by negative or misogynist comments, including a pointed reference to the last presidential campaign. Catwoman’s cowl, and the pink throughout the papercut, represent the pussy hat.

Each of the papercuts in the series is made from cut-up comics featuring minority super heroes, in an effort to focus on these less-frequently heard voices, and to celebrate them. At the same time, I think about this series as voices of American dissent, at a time when we must all stand together and speak up against evil to ensure that our vision of a more perfect union remains intact.

Come see the whole series tonight — Wednesday, May 3, from 7-9 pm — at Brave New World Comics in Newhall, California. Some of the tribes are still available for purchase (but many are gone!); giclée prints of all twelve are available on my store site. The show's only up for a few more days!

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