Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Checking out the art scene in Chinatown

Last week I had a chance to hit a few galleries in Los Angeles' Chinatown. There's a bunch of them on Chung King Road in what used to be a bunch of souvenir shops but have recently been renovated into a hipster gallery scene. I spent most of time at Charlie James Gallery and Jancar Gallery.

Directional signage at Charlie James Gallery.

The Jancar Gallery exterior hasn't changed much since it was a Chinese souvenir shop.

"Sometimes I Forget to Remember to Fear Hope" by Jennifer Dalton at Charlie James

"Paradox Party Favors" by Jennifer Dalton

Part of "Reckoning" Jennifer Dalton; the full piece includes 1200 pinbacks.

There's a PDF catalog of Jennifer Dalton's work here – the show is called "On a Scale From Not Really OK to Really Not OK."

A shot from Richard Newton's installation "La Gruta Azul" (The Blue Grotto) at Jancar;
one wanders through an environment made of strung together bottles and cans.

Another detail from Richard Newton's "La Gruta Azul."

Another detail from Richard Newton's "La Gruta Azul." Yes, I really enjoyed it.

One more detail from Richard Newton's "La Gruta Azul."

Steve Lambert's "Everything You Want Right Now" (with some bondage dolls) at Charlie James.

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  1. Issac,
    Thanks for visiting La Gruta Azul and including it in your blog. If you have any photos from the opening that you may share with me, please get in touch.
    Richard Newton