Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This is my latest completed commission: "Resilience."

You may not know the story of Adam Greenberg – and so a brief explanation is likely in order. He was an outfielder for the Chicago Cubs in 2005, known for being hit in the head on the first pitch of his only plate appearance. He was told he wouldn't play again – the injury was too severe, the pain unrelenting. He didn't get credit for that plate appearance, but determination and fan support encouraged the Miami Marlins to sign him to a one-day contract so he could get that "one at-bat" on the books, and so he did. He's playing again, thought not yet major league ball, but his story is one of perseverance and resilience – of not letting a bad situation take you down.

I made this papercut to represent that journey – and backed it with Wolverine comics, since he's the mutant hero known particularly for his healing power, allowing him to bounce back from injury and keep up the good fight. The structure of the piece is based on Greenberg's at-bat with the Marlins, and the rays are an allusion to the "one at-bat" poster his fans made and shared. Last, the broad spectrum of colors are a nod to Joseph, a biblical hero who also faced up to challenge after challenge, hurdle after hurdle, to make something of himself.

Adam Greenberg will be speaking live in Southern California at Temple Ahavat Shalom this October; for details on the event – where you can purchase one of only ten exclusive limited edition giclée prints of "Resilience" – click here. Or email me. That works too.

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