Sunday, November 17, 2013


This papercut is called "Treehugger," and it was created as a gift for Ruben Arquilevich, Senior Camp Director of URJ Camp Newman. Last night we held an event to honor him and camp leadership.

URJ Camp Newman Advancement Director Ari Vared
presents "Treehugger" to Ruben Arquilevich.

The piece is inspired both by Ruben's love of nature and the way he expresses it through camp leadership. Tucked within the branches, in addition to the imported papers and cut-up comic books, is a snippet of text from the Torah (a book that had been destined for the genizah wound up in my hands first!) – it references his biblical namesake, but also the lineage of Jacob – that is, the children of Israel. This, for the "dor l'dor" nature of camp, and for the way it nourishes continuing generations of Jewish kids.

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