Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cutting up comics - what it looks like in my studio

There's something I really enjoy about visiting artists in their studios and seeing how they work – getting a peek at the process. When a visit is tricky, seeing pix of the process is a fine stand-in. That's why I try to share the occasional photo out here with you, so you can get a glimpse of what happens in my studio.

This is what a typical comic page looks like after I've been cutting it up for one of my papercuts. What you're seeing here is a few panels from Justice, Inc. - a 1989 DC title from Andrew Helfer and Kyle Baker. I'm at work on a commission which I can't talk about publicly just yet, but I can say that the title is important and I needed a lot of blue.

You can see how I've removed certain pieces which used a variation on the same blue; I'm piecing them together in this commission to create a mosaic effect.

This is really the piece to be thrown out... but sometimes the effect of dissection creates these interesting (accidental) works in negative, and I get attached to them.

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