Thursday, May 29, 2014

Three Things

I've made a new papercut to donate to this weekend's fundraising auction at the annual Temple Ahavat Shalom gala (Saturday, May 31, 2014).

In Pirkei Avot 1:18 we read, "Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel tells us that the world stands upon three things: truth, justice, and peace." This papercut takes as its inspiration the journeys of friendship and giving that have sustained Mindy & Dave and Debbie & Scott, being honored at this year's gala — the ideals that make them who they are, and their commitment to tikkun olam... to fixing the world that they see on their travels.

In this papercut the world is represented supported on a foundation of these three ideals, rendered in papercut Hebrew: emet, tzedek, and shalom. It is titled "Three things," and it's backed with cut-up comics including:
The Infinite Horizon (#5, Oct 2011)
The Infinite Vacation (#5, Jan 2013)
Batman/Superman (#8, Apr 2014)
Superman (#23.3, Nov 2013)
Wonder Woman (#23.2, Nov 2013)
Justice League Europe (#2, May 1989)
Nextwave (#1, 2006)
Details on the gala can be found on the web here. If you're interested in bidding in absentia, please email here or call (818) 360-2258.

Three things
16" x 20"
Mixed media

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