Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Rise Up" — Teaser #3

This is "teaser" #3 from my new piece, "Rise Up," leading up to a big unveiling this weekend at the 2015 Temple Ahavat Shalom Gala. This year's gala is honoring me and my wife – the theme is "The Art of Jewish Living" – and to mark the occasion I created this papercut, which will be auctioned off (with all proceeds going to the synagogue) Saturday night at the gala.

I'll let slip with a few details here – but you won't see the whole thing until the gala (or after, if you're not attending, of course). There's one more teaser image that I'll be posting tomorrow – stop back tomorrow to see it.

I've already written about the origin of the papercut's name and showed that there's a figure holding blueprints... here's another key feature: a hammer. Made of cut-up Thor comics, of course (now you know why that tag has been in the past posts).

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