Friday, May 29, 2015

"Rise Up" — Teaser #4

This is the last "teaser" I'll be posting from my new piece, "Rise Up." This weekend is the big unveiling at the 2015 Temple Ahavat Shalom Gala. This year's gala is honoring me and my wife – the theme is "The Art of Jewish Living" – and to mark the occasion I created this papercut, which will be auctioned off (with all proceeds going to the synagogue) Saturday night at the gala.

I've let slip with a few details here – but if you want to see the whole thing you have to wait until the gala (or after, if you're not attending, of course)

I've already written about the origin of the papercut's name, and we've seen that there's a figure holding blueprints and a hammer. Here we get a little bit more text from a Torah commentary that could just about give it away... and another comic caption which reads, "Some things are beautiful, wonderful."

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