Thursday, January 23, 2014

Super Heroes, Holy Land:
"Tower of David"

This is "Tower of David" — one of the works in my all-new show, "Super Heroes, Holy Land!"

The Tower of David as it now stands is actually an Ottoman structure, having been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times since it was first built in the second century B.C.E.   — with no connection to King David at all. Nonetheless it has come to represent him and his palace, and has a place on every Jerusalem tourist’s list. In addition to the stone textures taken from comics used to build this paper tower, there are pieces from Theodore Herzl’s speech at the First Zionist Conference and from a traveler’s phrasebook, underscoring the dichotomy between the history of Israel and the way these sites are experienced by the tourist. This papercut includes:
Automatic Kafka #1 (Sep 2002)
300 #2 and #3 (Jun and Jul 1998)
Aquaman #23.1 (Nov 2013)
Dreadstar and Company #6
(Dec 1985)
Green Lantern #23.3 (Nov 2013)
The Infinite Horizon #4 (Sep 2011)
Infinite Vacation #5 (Jan 2013)
Justice League of America #7.4 (Nov 2013)
Secret #2 (Jun 2012)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #12 (Jan 1993)
Wonder Woman #23.2 (Nov 2013)

Berlitz Hebrew Phrase Book. Grosset & Dunlap, New York (1964).
Israel. Ed. by Yigael Yadin. Massadah Publishing Co. Ltd., Tel Aviv (1958). Portion used is an essay by David Ben-Gurion.
“The Jewish State.” Theodore Herzl, 1896.
The show is open through March 14 at UCLA Hillel's Dortort Gallery in Los Angeles, at 574 Hilgard Avenue; call 310-208-3081 for more information.

And you can see all of the work online in this PDF catalog.

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