Monday, January 27, 2014

"Tower of Babel" at the Pacific Design Center

This is "Tower of Babel," which will be included in "One for the Road," an exciting group show being held this Friday, January 31, at the Hudson|Linc gallery at the Pacific Design Center.

This papercut is made with cut-up and reassembled speech bubbles. It's probably obvious why. On the left is the piece in its frame; on the right, a detail shot.

It's Hudson|Linc's last show in this space, it's only for one night. It's a "cash and carry" show, with all works priced at $1000 and under. It's suite B215 at the Big Blue Whale from 5 to 8:30 pm. Artists in the show include:
Anthony Ausgang
Jaime Becker
Debra Bianculli
Dave Bondi
Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik
Gavin Bunner
Sam Dahl
Walpa D'Mark
Chuck Feesago
David French
Tm Gratkowski
Kio Griffith
Paul Guillemette
Zeal Harris
Brian Hollister
Thomas Isaac
James Johnson
Ben Junta
Kohl King
Shannon LaBelle
Olga Lah
Leanne Lee
Nick Lisica
Chris Mercier
Miriam Noske
Mary Anna Pomonis
Steven Poster
Max Presneill
Dominic Quagliozzi
Mike Reynolds
Sandy Rodriguez
Andy Romanoff
Yoshie Sakai
Danny Schaefer
Julia Strickler
Ami Tallman
Christa Toole
Philip Vaughan
Marjan Vayghan
Mike Vegas
Tracey Weiss
Renelle White Buffalo
Steven Wolkoff
Peggy Zask
Essi Zimm

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